This is a blog post that I should have been posted 2 years ago but it's been saved as a draft until yesterday.

Two years ago I travelled to Japan with my family. We arrived at Kansai International Airport at 8.00 AM local time. We were waiting for the postal office to open at nine in order to pick up SIM cards that I ordered from b-mobile a week before traveling. This is very handy as you can order a SIM card beforehand and then pick it up at the airport when you arrived.

Once checked in the hotel named Remm Shin-Osaka whose entrance is directly connected to the Shin-Osaka station, we went back to the station to find something to eat. I can say that you will never get hungry around the train station as there're a lot of food and snacks in the train station. We randomly picked one of those restaurants. And this was our first meal in Japan.

We were going to Nara as our plan but it seemed like it was probably going to rain due to the typhoon. So we decided to bought umbrellas. Umbrellas are very easy to find in a train station. Actually there are everywhere though. I noticed that most people liked to use an umbrella with a clear dome but I don't know why. One reason that I can think of is that they use these umbrellas to protect them from rain while they still might need the light to pass through umbrellas so that they can still read a book since Japaneses like to read a book. Another simple guess is that it's cheap!

We arrived at Nara station. It took about an hour from Shin-Osaka station.

This station was really nice. It was clean and well-decorated with wood.